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    A Texas Marriage Can Be
    Beautiful & Fragile
    There are things you can do to strengthen your marriage

Protecting Your Marriage

Even the best marriages require consistent work to prosper and sustain a happy, healthy relationship. Since over half of all first marriages end in divorce, here are the top three tips you should consider to strengthen your marriage and save it from ending badly.

  • Long-Term commitment
    Marriage is meant to be forever

    Couples who remain married for decades tend to be those who have agreed from the beginning that marriage is a long-term commitment to each other. They also agree that remaining faithful to their partner the most critical issue that will result in a long and happy marriage.

  • Enjoy Personal Time
    Nurturing your mental tranquility

    It is essential to remain true to your individuality and not lose your sense of self in a marriage. While spouses do not have to enjoy everything their partners love to do, they do need to allow themselves the freedom to pursue their own hobbies and interests that don't interfere with the marriage.

  • Devote Time For Each Other
    The ultimate marriage booster

    Devoting as little as 15 minutes daily exclusively to each other can significantly improve chances of marital success. Make time every day to engage in meaningful conversations, show affection, and reaffirm your commitment to the marriage and your future lives together.

Avoiding Ugly Divorce

Many judges and divorce lawyers in El Paso suggest that practicing these and other marriage-saving steps can warm your spouse's heart and kindle your love for each other. The goal is to help you work things out with your partner when times get complicated and to prevent an unnecessary divorce.

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